Miracle Moment PicAt times something will happen, an act, a comment, a gift, or a conversation, and all I see is God’s handiwork. I see His love and provision poured out from others, and I wonder if they know the blessing they’re bestowing.
Today Union Bank showed up to give my family a “Miracle Moment”. Channel 8 was there to capture and air the surprise. It should air at 10:00 tonight. The amazing gifts included a playset, doll house, barbies, tennis shoes, Legos, dress, books, coat, infrared heater, and gift certificates.
I didn’t know what Christmas was going to be like this year. I knew it would be as happy and celebrated as others. Much like last year though, gifts would come nowhere near the top of the list of priorities…not with so many other things more important and significant.

I know the best part of Christmas doesn’t lie beneath the tree. The kids don’t take an inventory of what they get from one year to the next…they’re happy to open socks. But the times I think about gifts, I’d end up shrugging. Sometimes making the most of things, requires more creativity and energy than I have. Yet I understand, it’s what some years require.

He splits the rocks in the wilderness and gave them abundant drink like ocean depths.     Psalm 78:15

For whatever reason, I always think God will grant us just enough, just when we need it. Often times, this has been the case. Providing for us the moment we need it, and not before. As hard as it is not to be anxious, he hasn’t failed me yet. In some weird way, it gives it an air of mystery and excitement – because here, I see God move.

Somewhere between my relief and appreciation for making it through another day, another month, another bill… I forget our God is a God of abundance and generosity. I fail to remember he delights in us and loves to lavish us.

In the wilderness of survival, God splits rocks. Giving us more than we ever considered or dreamed possible. Even if the rock had split and water merely dribbled, I still would have praised and loved him. He didn’t have to do this…but isn’t it the way his story has always gone? We never have any idea of what he is up to, what he is capable of, and how much he loves us. It shames me to admit, I’m continually surprised to see how good God is.

Thank you Crystal Henke, Union Bank & Trust, Channel 8 Eyewitness News, and the God from whom all blessings flow.