What We Leave BehindMeg’s been really tired. She took a 4 hour nap yesterday and when I woke her up, she laid on the floor and went back to sleep. Her headaches come and go. Sometimes she handles them well, other times they really wear on her.
This afternoon was especially hard. At one point she suddenly burst into tears and said, “You are so mean to me Mommy, you expect me to pick up toys after myself.” Considering I hadn’t asked her to pick up anything, she was sure taking it hard.
I know what it’s like. Things never bothering me suddenly become those I don’t want to tolerate. No one says the right things. Looks rub me wrong. I’m completely unhappy with every aspect

of life.
I look at Meg, and all I see is weary. When the day is over, I look in the mirror, and I see it too.

Encountering Jesus at the well, the Samaritan woman left her pitcher. The pitcher wasn’t the only thing she left though. The one who went to extremes to avoid the townspeople, became the same person who sought them out.

Jesus changes everything.

What she left behind didn’t matter when she understood what came her way. Her mindset, attitude, and feelings were completely changed.

Hardships are like pitchers. They draw our attention to the well. They lead us to what we need. When we get there, we can find out who Jesus is.

One day, we will know these days are worth it. We will understand what they lead us to. Our life will be transformed and we will set out…not even noticing what we leave behind.