What God Does with DirtMeg’s question caught me off guard, “Mommy, what are our new bodies going to be made out of? Is God going to use dirt again?”


I had just finished explaining to Meg the medicine the doctor in Omaha is putting her on will help her nerves feel better. She told me it will be ok and we don’t have to worry about what happens to our bodies now because we don’t have to keep them. We’ll get new.


Some days she teaches me what it’s like to have faith.


I couldn’t help but think about how she’s felt throughout this ordeal. She’s dealt with a lot of pain. Here she was, not questioning why but telling me what she’s going through, doesn’t matter in the end.


Sometimes its easy to get caught up in situations and what’s going on, we overlook what’s happening spiritually. It makes me aware of how many battles wage, and not just physical ones with Meg’s body and brain. There is much more to this. So much more on the line.


Her simple words put life into perspective. What’s left at the end will be everything or nothing. While the world teaches us to build bigger and better, to dream and plan to succeed. God walked this earth to show us there is more to follow than our dreams.


Christ came to give us life to the fullest, for all of our days into eternity.


I looked at Meg cuddled up next to Evan contemplating what God uses to make our heavenly bodies. I'm aware they belong to God more than me. Life doesn't have to go according to plan. No matter what happens it's a way to find and experience Jesus.


“What do you think it will be mom?” she asks.


I tell her I'm not sure, but maybe God mixes love, glory, and light together to make us brilliantly beautiful.


A small smile crosses her face, "I bet He does Mom. Look what He does with dirt."