The Unexpected Blessings of SurrenderMeg's IV infiltrated twice before the MRI was completed. Coupled with the tape that took a layer of skin off her nose, and the effects from anesthesia, she wasn't the happiest girl in recovery.


I have to say none of which really surprised me. It's how this goes. This is what we've come to know and expect.


No matter what the surgeon said, we were good. We were going to take the next step and do what we needed to do. I knew it wouldn't be easy. None of this has been. Yet God's shown us it's not the circumstances that fill our lives, it's Him.


Knowing this, I was still completely unprepared for what the neurosurgeon had to say.


The surgery that's seemed to make additional damage and appeared unsuccessful the last 6 months, didn't show the same this time around. The fluid on top of her brain trapped between layers was gone, Meg's compressed brain has relaxed and expanded into space made available from surgery, and there's a possibility since she is still growing, her head will make accommodations for the high pressure.


It's the best and most shocking news we've received since this all began! Completely unexpected. We are so excited for what God has done and where He’s brought us!


Feeling tears fall as we prayed and thanked God, it reminded me of the tears that have fallen and the pain and peace of surrender. The stretches of time I wondered if I remembered what good news felt like. Where answers kept coming back in ways hard to bear. Where God was always there and I kept going back turning life over. A new way of life I pray we never lose.


While this feels indescribably amazing, the best part is how good God is. It’s hard to explain but it’s all the more sweeter because if this answer never came, we would have loved God the same. He didn’t have to do this. He didn’t owe us anything. Yet nothing comes close to the gifts He bestows. We are so humbled and grateful.


We’ve found what it is to live in ways we never wanted to, and to praise and thank God for what we do not understand. Our requests we had when this all began, evolved away from what we wanted to see to what God wanted to do. It could be a coincidence but God gave us our desire after we desired Him more.


Meg will continue to deal with the high pressure for now; shunting would bring additional issues not worth the risks currently. Shunting remains the last and seemingly only option if Meg's body cannot grow to accommodate the buildup of fluid. We are so happy though it's not required now.


We'll still keep our travels to Houston checking in with the neurosurgeon we adore and enjoying friends who've became more like family. We'll keep going holding onto the hope we've been given. We're so very blessed!