SeaWorld 2I figured 2 days on the road with the kids would test my hair strength, but it's actually been really good. I haven't pulled my hair out (yet).


When we pulled up at SeaWorld the kids faces dropped in shock. The surprise was priceless! They kept asking if it was really it and if we were going to go. I joked I had just gotten lost and ended up in their parking lot. Their faces showed obvious disappointment but they were silent and understanding. They didn't ask or complain.


Without protests, teasing lost it's fun and it hurt realizing they weren't surprised. I knew they were thinking how expensive those places are and how we simply don't go so there's no point in asking. In a very real way, it was too good to be true. To be honest, I felt it too.


It made me want to hold them and cry, apologizing for how hard the last couple years have been. For how fast they've had to grow up and what life's demanded from all of us.


At the same time, their silence made me see how selfless they've become. Their unique awareness of life has them choosing their responses...even in the midst of disappointment. For that it's hard to be sorry .


The kids totally lived SeaWorld up. They overlooked why we're here, too busy being the luckiest kids ever. It made me feel how fortunate we truly are.