The Difference Confidence Made TodayMeg's complained of stomach pain the last couple weeks. I took her in to be checked out to make sure it wasn't anything other than the high pressure in her head causing her discomfort. Since it was precautionary, I was surprised when I answered the phone and heard there was good news and bad. I inwardly pleaded the only bad news is they wouldn't be seeing us for a while...but it's not how life goes, at least ours right now. I waited as they covered the good news wishing I could just hear the bad and get it over with.


The GI doctor's initial concerns and the indicators they look for in blood tests turned out fine. However levels they weren't looking for came back concerning. Within hours and ample calls, an ultrasound, endoscopy, and allergist had all been lined up.


As I watched my calendar fill up with blood counts, doctors, procedures, and addresses, I looked over to see Meg had fallen asleep. All I could feel was how tired I am of all this.


Oswald Chambers wrote, To be faithful in every circumstance means that we have only one loyalty, or object of our faith — the Lord Jesus Christ.


I often think about what it means, in the circumstances I find myself in. When life is ran through that filter it has a way of changing things.


Loyalty isn't determined by happiness or self-rights, it's a manner of love, sacrifice, and honor.


It will never matter what the circumstances are, but it will always matter where my loyalty lies.


Whatever I come into or face will be a disaster if it's not based on my loyalty and faithfulness to Christ. If He's not in it, than I can expect every worry, frustration, and irritation of things failing to go my way. But if He's in it, no matter what happens, we're good. He will always have us covered.


I know I could wring my hands over another thing to contend with, curl up next to Meg, and believe nothing goes right. It has it's appeal. But I know Jesus is calling me to be faithful and believe He's got this. When I do, I feel the difference confidence makes. Believing where our loyalty lies, blesses us with trusted assurance.