Comfort of FamiliarMeg came back from her dad’s last night. As I tucked her in bed, tears spilled down her cheeks. I asked her what was wrong and she said she didn’t know. Her small wavering voice asked me, “Mommy, can you just be with me?”
I climbed into bed next to her and she wrapped her little arms around me.
She quickly fell to sleep. I got up and began to tuck her in again. Her favorite book slid off her bed and fell to the floor. Setting it on the shelf I turned around seeing her tucked into her favorite blankets with her favorite stuffed animals, her favorite music playing softly in the background.
We take comfort from the familiar.
We derive strength and confidence depending on what we know is going to be there.

How we shape our familiar, is what shapes our lives.

It makes me wonder how intentional I’ve been. Have I shaped mine, allowed God, or circumstances and situations to form mine?

There have been times I knew God was laying his desire before me, but I found every excuse why it wouldn’t work. My excuses easily justified my refusal. I felt some type of righteousness knowing my heart was in a place which would more than love to do what He’s laid before me…unfortunately, there’s reasons and circumstances prohibiting me from doing so.

I really like to think God’s ok with it. As though after hearing my reasons, He decides I’m right and has failed to consider everything I had. I’m happy He understands, and I can go after what I want.

I overlook my forfeit. I don’t have faith to understand all God was asking of me was my willingness. He could have changed every reason and circumstance I saw in the way. He could have poured out His blessings and I could have had so much more…but I didn’t. I didn’t trust Him. When I prayed knowing God could move mountains, I wondered why He didn’t in my life.

The faith to move mountains comes only with the faith leaving reasons and excuses behind. It comes from the one where God lays His desire before us, and we don’t hesitate. Jesus never stood around and waited for a disciple to make up his mind. It was immediate obedience.

While I love the comfort of familiar, the familiar isn’t always as it should be. It’s supposed to change and evolve. God longs for us to accept what he’s offering. He wants to show us how good his gifts are and a way to experience the fullness of life in a way we never knew before.

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is - his good, pleasing and perfect will.     Romans 12:2