RedemptionMeg wipes the chalk dust off her pants but only manages to smear it. "They are such a mess now" I hear her say, "but at least they're colorful".


As I put her to bed, she rubs my back like I normally do hers, but instead of singing one of the normal bedtime songs, she sings The Hokey Pokey...


All I can do is smile. I've never felt more grateful.


For a kid to become a dirty mess playing and be able to sing at bedtime - it's been a good day.


Since we've been back, we've seen 2 doctors to treat what we thought was a reaction to the tape used during the MRI. No one knows what really happened...something on one of their gloves, a bracelet dragging through a cleaning agent then bumping Meg's face... whatever it was, it ended up burning and blistering her nose. It kept getting worse until we found the right mix of prescriptions to treat it. Then it began healing right away.


Meg partially understands the good news we received in Texas. Her headaches are not as bad as they were when dealing with the fluid buildup on top of her brain. She is not convinced however she is getting better. With the pressure still fluctuating high and intense head pain at times, the MRI results mean little to her.


Her great question is when? When is she going to feel good again? When will this all go away?


It's hard to answer since it could happen...or it might not.


Ephesians 5:16 talks about redeeming time because the days are evil. Throughout these past months there were times I wanted to make up for what we lost...namely our enjoyment. I wanted good to come. Yet it was always there if only I had eyes to see. Redeeming time may not be just making the most of moments and living intentionally but finding purpose, grasping opportunities, and understanding the significance of difficult times on eternal scales.


The hardest part has been accepting where it's hard to be, is exactly where God has us.


Not having all the answers is ok when we trust the One who does - it's the only answer I have to give Meg.


Feeling her little hand on my back and hearing her Hokey Pokey rendition, reminds me how much I took for granted.


Redemption comes in many ways. The time I wanted to make up for our lack of enjoyment, was really the time I learned to see the blessings in all these little moments.