Reason for This Season PicMeg had little energy yesterday and was nauseous. Her eyes were asymmetric which also happens when pressure is high, so I was concerned. She fell to sleep in the afternoon and when she woke up, her eye was swollen.
I wanted to groan since I had so many things I wanted to get done, but instead I smiled and told her to find her boots. I assumed it was either very, very serious, or nothing at all.
By the time we got to Omaha, the swelling had gone down but Meg’s eyes still weren’t the same. The ER team whisked her away and I was left waiting in her room. I’ve discovered the unknown doesn’t freak me out like it used to. It goes to show that given enough experience, anyone can learn to take life as it comes.
Meg’s became quite the connoisseur, asking how many stickers she’ll earn before becoming agreeable, reminding the nurses warm blankets feel better than cold, and questioning those choosing a bandaid for her if they know what she likes. Hospitals could learn a lot if satisfaction surveys were completed by children.

The tests came back as we expected, but what was going on remains a mystery. She’s no better or worse, so we got to come home.

We listened to Christmas music on the drive home, Meg singing every song she knew, and me singing the ones she didn’t. We laughed and had such a great time.

Christmas this year reminds me there's a reason for the season, and a reason for the one we're in.