left for this

discovering God's plans as life falls apart

Going through countless tragedies, I wondered where God was, and why He wouldn't show up to do something...anything. Then He did, taking me from this life. Left to live, tragedies have increased, but I'm no longer the same. I'm certain God has a plan, and He'll use what we go through, for great and mighty things. Day after day, I hold on, knowing there's a reason...I was left for this.  

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April 3, 2016

Facing Discouragement

The last several days Meg’s attempts to be strong and not cry, were unsuccessful. She sat at the table asking me to help take the pounding in her head away. When her complaints began including her eyes hurting I knew it was time to take her in.   The Dr at Children’s thought her pressure

March 26, 2016

Redemption Comes in Many Ways

Meg wipes the chalk dust off her pants but only manages to smear it. “They are such a mess now” I hear her say, “but at least they’re colorful”.   As I put her to bed, she rubs my back like I normally do hers, but instead of singing one of the normal bedtime songs,

March 21, 2016

Featured in TBI Hope & Inspiration Anniversary Edition

Featured in TBI Hope & Inspiration Anniversary Edition It feels like a lifetime ago, when I googled “living with traumatic brain injury.” I was looking for others/someone/anyone who wasn’t giving medical descriptions but rather what life was really like for them. What I was really looking for, wasn’t how to live with TBI. It was to see others

March 17, 2016

The Unexpected Blessings of Surrender

Meg’s IV infiltrated twice before the MRI was completed. Coupled with the tape that took a layer of skin off her nose, and the effects from anesthesia, she wasn’t the happiest girl in recovery.   I have to say none of which really surprised me. It’s how this goes. This is what we’ve come to

March 13, 2016

Not Cut out for This

Meg’s happiness and cheer were left at the security gate as she clung to Evan telling him goodbye. The curve of her mouth defined the perfect sad face. It was cute in a way, until her bottom lip started to quiver. Tears flooded her eyes, ripping out even onlooker’s hearts.   I put on a

March 3, 2016

Moving Closer to God

Meg throws her hands up in the air, “I’m on top of the world!”   Actually it was a viaduct but I didn’t correct her.   I didn’t have to look back to know one of her eyes looks a little swollen. The pressure was high enough this morning she was unwilling to sit up

February 25, 2016

Living in His Light

Meg looked at me with tears pooling her eyes, “How can a sneeze hurt my head so bad?”   When the pressure is high, it doesn’t take much.   The girl who loves to run and jump becomes the one who knows she dare not try.   I don’t have to remind her how lucky