Not Cut out for ThisMeg's happiness and cheer were left at the security gate as she clung to Evan telling him goodbye. The curve of her mouth defined the perfect sad face. It was cute in a way, until her bottom lip started to quiver. Tears flooded her eyes, ripping out even onlooker’s hearts.


I put on a brave happy face trying to convince her we’d have a good time. I excitedly told her what we’d do after landing and pleaded with her to let me have a bite of the cookie she habitually sweet talks out of the flight attendants.


There are moments when my own inadequacy feels like it has no bounds. I am clearly not cut out for this. I don’t have what it takes. I’m the mother who wants to cry herself and carry her kid out of the airport promising no more of this.


Times like this remind me of Moses and the burning bush.


It was the fire that drew Moses closer to the bush and to God. He couldn’t understand why or how the bush was on fire but not burning up.


A lot like the fires in my life. They’ve drawn us away from the life we had to discover how much more of God there is. While life burns around us, we're never consumed. God’s holy sovereignty protects us. Just as God’s spirit was in the bush, Christ made it possible for the same spirit to be inside us.


Although the fire is frightening it purifies and refines…like the holiness of God.


Moses doubted he could do what God asked of him. He didn’t have it in him. Yet God reassured Moses he could, because He would be with him…the same promise Jesus makes to us.


As our flight is called to board, Meg grabs my hand tightly and full of confidence she says, “Let’s go fly.” I can’t help but smile. Neither of us is cut out for this, yet here we are.