Moving Closer to GodMeg throws her hands up in the air, “I’m on top of the world!”


Actually it was a viaduct but I didn’t correct her.


I didn’t have to look back to know one of her eyes looks a little swollen. The pressure was high enough this morning she was unwilling to sit up on her own after waking up. The hesitancy she felt has followed her like a dark cloud all day.


Until now.


The excitement in her voice instantly made the day brighter. Arms extended and laughter bubbling her heart leapt. What better feeling is there than the ecstatic joy of feeling on top of the world?


It struck me how awesome it is that moving closer to God always changes our perspective. Sometimes it’s the physical moving - getting away from life, leaving demands behind, and seeking quietness with Him. Other times it’s mentally, emotionally, or spiritually seeking Him out.


I appreciate even more how God is always willing to meet with us. Always. His love is so propelling he never comes halfway and makes us come the other half. He’s always gone all the way – right up to the door of our hearts where all we have to do is accept him.


As we leave to go to Texas Children’s Hospital in 10 days, I’m aware of all the questions needing answers. What the tests will show, what the surgeons will tell us, what the next step will be, what it means for our life…and I’m also aware of how big our God is and the distances He goes. I don’t beg Him to change our situation. I don’t ask Him to change my outlook.


I ask for grace to see Him.


Situations change, a good perspective can help my attitude, faith can give me hope, but seeing Him is everything.


It’s then I know, the storms can rage, the answers can come, and God will be God.