Making God's Will Our OwnThis morning I asked Meg how life’s going. Without missing a beat she answers, “I don’t know but it’s delightful.”


This comes from the same little girl I picked up off the floor last night after she fell asleep early curled up in a ball not feeling well.


Sometimes I feel God overwhelming us with his goodness. He’s the only one who could infuse her little life with such optimism and joy.


Out of the trials, struggles, and pain from the deepest heartaches, can come our deepest beauty. It’s the power of almighty God. Hebrews 5:8 reminds us suffering isn’t needless: Even though Jesus was God's Son, he learned obedience from the things he suffered.


Through suffering we can learn obedience to make God’s will our own.


Believing God’s engineering circumstances down to the smallest details, grants us grace. It changes our approach and sets our eyes on what’s above. It gives us strength to help us follow in obedience when we don’t understand.


I look at the scar running down Meg’s head and all she’s been through. She isn’t beautiful in spite of it, she’s more beautiful because of it. I’m so thankful God’s at work because without Him this would be so very different…and we would never have noticed how delightful life can really be.