Living in His LightMeg looked at me with tears pooling her eyes, “How can a sneeze hurt my head so bad?”


When the pressure is high, it doesn’t take much.


The girl who loves to run and jump becomes the one who knows she dare not try.


I don’t have to remind her how lucky she is the pressure is only fluctuating high throughout the day. She knows too well what it feels like to have little relief.


Off the medication she has more energy. The wavering between feeling good and not is almost harder for her to bear though in ways. Endurance seems to lesson when it’s not constantly called for.


It’s hard for her to understand why the back and forth. Why if she’s capable of feeling good, it won’t last.


It’s hard to answer and see the disappointment.


Sometimes it’s easy to walk in the light, but we have to learn how to keep walking in it when darkness surrounds.


I used to fear the light would be snuffed out. Circumstances would become too much to bear and we’d be left in darkness. We’d be stuck, trapped, and not knowing how to get out.


Will God really come through for us? Will He make a difference?


Somedays I get this feeling telling me to look around, is this really where God’s called you to be?


And I just have to say, yeah. It's so far off from what I thought it would be – and so much better than I ever knew.


As much as I would have loved to forfeit the hard days, I’d never give up the opportunities God’s taken to show me who He is.


He’s worth it.


The more I understand Him, the more I understand He sends us back down the mountain with a reason and a purpose. We’re not made to live on mountaintops. We’re made to live with Him wherever we may be, radiating the light we receive.