gratefulI’m pretty sure Meg and I were the only 2 walking through the ER doors yesterday with a smile on our face.


Having woke up at 3:30 in the morning with a 103 degree fever, Meg spent much of the day sleeping and not wanting to eat or drink. The pediatrician grew concerned and sent us to the ER for fluids. The hospital had to be careful hydrating Meg so it wouldn't override the medication and add more fluid to her brain.


Still, it was the most normal thing we’ve had to go in for since this whole ordeal began. To us it was amazing. Had I not been so exhausted, I would have skipped down the hall.


The additional issues heaped on could have easily left me wanting to cry for having to deal with anything else. But they didn’t. What I saw as normal was bearable compared to foreign issues I know nothing about.


It's easy to trust what I know. I know a fever and dehydration are fixable and Meg was going to be fine. When issues from her brain affect her, I never know what it’s going to entail. I don’t always know how to take care of her and the realization not everything is fixable, is very real.


As grateful as I was we were there for something “normal”, I became even more grateful for the times it hasn't been. When God’s carried us through situations far more serious. I’ve been scared, but never scared enough to panic. God has always been there wrapping us in His comfort and love.


I know how mighty God is because I know the scene would be so very different without Him. He’s the only difference maker.


He’s what I love about our life. Undoubtedly life could be easier. But the God who shows up, reveals Himself, and saves us throughout these crazy hard times…is irreplaceable.


Psalms 34:4 - I sought the LORD, and he answered me, and delivered me from all my fears.