Finding StrengthMeg was up early cutting, gluing, and coloring. Knowing she wasn’t feeling well I asked if she’d rather make a card for Great Gram who’s in the hospital instead of the book she was set on. She looked at me with tired eyes and said, “No Mom, this is what I need to do. I want Great Gram to know how much I love her.”


She worked relentlessly until bringing me the stapler, smiling at her accomplishment.


I feared it would be a nightmare of an experiment when Meg came completely off her brain pressure medication on Tuesday. Since gradually decreasing the med since December she’s accustomed to incrementally feeling worse, so it seems to be just another increment.


Seeing her take initiative when she wasn’t feeling well made my heart melt.


God always gives us strength to take the next step, but more often than not we have to step to find it.


In Mark, a man with a dying daughter had to find Jesus so He could save her. A hemorrhaging woman knew if she could just get close enough to touch Jesus, she’d be healed.


They stepped out in faith. It’s there God met them.


At times it’s frustrating to keep going with Meg feeling like we’re not getting very far. Some days she’s the one who has to show me how to find strength to step out knowing God will meet us.