Featured in TBI Hope & Inspiration Anniversary Edition


It feels like a lifetime ago, when I googled "living with traumatic brain injury." I was looking for others/someone/anyone who wasn't giving medical descriptions but rather what life was really like for them.


What I was really looking for, wasn't how to live with TBI. It was to see others made it through the horror, endless frustrations, and exhaustion of living. I wanted to see life pieced back together again and someone who could smile...I wanted to know it was possible. I wanted to believe it was possible for me.


I found someone. In fact I found one who spanned countries linking a community together.


David Grant has became very dear to me and many other's as he unselfishly shares his life and encourages other's with traumatic brain injuries.


The first time I read about David, his story, and his work, I instantly wanted to be like him. I wanted to make it. I wanted to fight to find the good regardless of how much bad I'd endure.


I promised myself I would not forget the place I was in that day. How alone I felt in my struggle and longing to find someone who understood. When I got "better", I'd share my story.


I never imagined it would be shared through David Grant's "TBI Hope and Inspiration" magazine.


God is always showing me He has bigger plans than I do. The more we abandon ourselves to find Him, offering Him our life, we receive it back in ways we never imagined.