Better WarriorsMeg's been on a roller coaster, feeling really good, awful, but mostly a lot of in-between. Test results are being sent to Texas to keep the surgeon up to date while Meg will continue to be monitored.


Every battle we come up against feels the same as those before. They're trying, testing, and seem to attack what we're made of in ways we never imagined.


But while the threats feel the same, I know we're the ones who've changed.


Trusting God and his work in our life, we don't see the toll of the battles, but rather the better warriors we've become.


We know of suffering yet it doesn't dominate life. Instead we get to live in awe of the majestic king who gets us out of bed each morning, surprises us with his divine intervening, and reminds us how deeply loved, sought, and called we are.


While these days have parts we'd rather not face, it's facing them and all those prior battles that have shown us God's expertise. While we never feel up to the battle, God's love propels us, protects us, and leads us in the way of life.