All The Little ThingsMeg’s hair is finally long enough to fit in a ponytail!


It’s something so small and simple but every time I wrap the band around her hair, I feel the gratitude.


Days are made up of all these small things we fail to recognize the difference they make, and importance they hold.


An elderly woman who’s prayed for me quite possibly every day of my life, called from assisted living. She told me she keeps praying but she doesn’t know what difference it makes. Tears sprung to my eyes as I told her I didn’t either…but I’m sure it’s huge. Throughout my life when I’ve encountered a hard day, remembering she lifted me up in prayer, made the Jesus stronger in me. It made THE difference.


God’s grace and beauty is bound to humble small everyday things. When we bring them to Him or use them to share our Jesus with another, it changes days in ways we’ll never know the extent.