Maybe you know what it's like to be hurt and searching. Convinced no one understands. Wondering if you're going to make it. Seeking to find someone who know's what it's like to have life ruined, who's heart has experienced the depth of pain your's has, and found a way to live again.

I'd love to say I kept my faith and suffered like a saint, but reality is far from it. I wondered where God was and why He wasn't showing up to do something...anything. I pleaded, offered deals, and raised my fist to God. All failed attempts of getting Him to move. 

It could be why God had to do something drastic to get my attention, to show me His glory, and to get me to see a heavenly perspective of reality. As my body entered the final stage of hemorrhaging, I didn't fight to live. I didn't try. He carried me away from the pain of this life to show me where He's been, what He does, and how He's come after me. 

Left to live, I thought life was going to turn around and be good again. What awaited me though was an abused kid, divorce, and multiple surgeries. Two years after life got back on track, a car accident left me with a traumatic brain injury and fractured back. Weeks turned into months and 11 months later, while still recovering, my daughter hit her head at the pool. A trip to the ER changed life even more as doctors were surprised to find a gigantic cyst taking up over 1/3 of her brain. 

It's said tragedy hunts me, I shouldn't be able to live and smile as I do, and bad things shouldn't happen to someone like me. All I know, is I'm in desperate need of a Savior. There's no better place to be. Jesus has become more than the God-man who died all those years ago to span the distance to Holy God. He saves me every day, day after day...if only from myself.  

God had a purpose for breathing life back into my lungs. I hope with each rise and fall of your own chest, you will know He has a purpose for breathing life into yours too. We may not know what the purpose is, but the best part of faith, isn't having all the answers. It's simply believing they exist.