A Reminder PicI used to assume disappointments are like excitements. After you receive so many, so often…the impact becomes minimal. But there is no numbing or normalizing qualities about disappointments, at least none I have found.
This is the newest image of Meg’s brain. The white part is the cyst, and also now, the fluid that pocketed between layers from the holes made during surgery.
It wasn’t what we were expecting. Unfortunately, not all surprises are exciting. The fluid, forming a layer from her eyebrow, all the way back to where a ponytail would go, vastly covers the majority of the right side of her brain. The pressure from which is causing her severe headaches and pain.
I watched her struggle today with the tiredness from the brain pressure medication, and was transported back to the month prior to surgery. The medicine not only sucks her energy, but her smiles and laughter.
As she gave a frustrated whimper and rubbed her eyes, I wondered if the last couple months have been a waste of time. Maybe it’s all been in vain. I know the surgery did good, relieving the pressure from her brain stem. I remind myself of this every time the images are brought up on the screen, or in my mind. Seeing pockets filling more of her brain, is discouraging and disappointing.

The last couple months of seeing sick and struggling kids, like Meg and our sweet little friend, Audrey Hughes, pulls on my heart in a way nothing else can. Three-year-old Audrey, has a form of cancer in which there have only been four documented cases in the world. We met Audrey and her family while in Houston, since Audrey is being treated at MD Anderson. It’s hard not to be infused with love and pride for Audrey. She’s spotted every morning making her way to the hospital for treatments, on her pink trike complete with leather tassels. Not many kids can smile with tears on their cheeks, but she does.

How unfair life is, can be taken in with a glance. But it also resonates in my soul, this isn’t our home. This life isn’t our destination. In a world where little kids suffer, pain and disappointments abound, and our Savior hung on a cross…I am ever so thankful, there is more, and it won’t disappoint.

To learn more about Audrey,www.audreynoelle.com

But our citizenship is in heaven. And we eagerly await a Savior from there, the Lord Jesus Christ.     Philippians 3:20